— Feb 15, 2017

Mechatronics Internships

edns trains interns in practical engineering to up-skill university students.

— Jan 19, 2015

Dyson vacuum cleaner reviews

I repair about 15 Dyson vacuum cleaners a week so I thought I would add my opinions to my blog

— Jan 12, 2015

Photo Laser Engraving Granite

Laser engraved stones like marble and granite look terrific. Its a tricky process but worth the effort.

— Dec 28, 2014

Laser Photo Engraving on Wood

Photo engraving on wood naturally gives a sepia look. It is a great way to take a photo and give it that vintage look.

— Nov 12, 2014

Laser cut & engraved mirror acrylic

Yes, we can now cut and engrave mirror acrylic. Check out the results

— Nov 3, 2014

Laser Cutting Acrylic at 45 Degrees

Yes, you can laser cut at 45 degrees with great results!

— Sep 2, 2014

Auto Electrical Repairs

— Aug 24, 2014

Laser cut printed circuit board PCB

Make professional quality printed circuit boards on your laser cutter

— Jun 25, 2014

2.5d laser engraving acrylic

some 2.5D laser engraving, kind of like milling into the surface. The laser engraving machine worked really well, here are some…

— May 15, 2014

Silhouette cut in 6mm black acrylic

I thought I would have a go at cutting a silhouette image. It took a lot of time to get Corel Draw to do what I wanted but it…

— May 13, 2014

Laser cut business cards

I needed some business cards so I used my laser cutter to demonstrate some of its capabilities. I am pleased with the results.

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